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Computer Practical Courses

Basic Computer Training
(Class 2 to 5)

Basic Computers Parts & Introduction,
MS Paint 3D,
Microsoft word,
Internet Basics,
Types of Browsers and
Operating systems.,
Fonts and Types
Desktop Features
Laptop Features
Keyboard Layout
World Map And Digital Map
Digital World Introduction

290 /Per month*

Inter Computer Training
(Class 6 to 9)

Basic Training +
Microsoft Excel,
Google Docs,
Email System,
Practical Email , Chat Functions
Data Entry,
Website Basics.
Types of Website,
Social Media Introduction

490 /Per month*

Advanced Computer Training
(Class 10 to 12)

Inter Training +
Website Design,
Advance Email and Messaging
Windows 10 /11 Features
LINUX, Ubuntu Features
Android & iOS Device Introduction
Form and Database System,
Google Sheets,
Website Development Basics

590 /Per month*