Computer for
Class 2 to 12.

Specially For School Kids : to Learn and Explore World of Computer Knowledge by Practicals. 

School Students learn more from the Practicals . We Provide them Desktop., Laptop, Tablets Exposure . They Learn to Use Printer, Monitor, Keyboard in best way and do Data entry Practice , Make Design, Make Notes on Laptop etc,
Design Essentials

Line Art ,
Paint ,

Data Entry & Websites

Entry Form
Online Form 
Data Types in Form
Image Upload
Captcha Entry
After Form Submission Process

Content Practicals

Fonts and Types
Email Writing
Website Writing
Blog Writing
Video Description Writing
Article Writing


Class 2 to 5

290 /Per month* 

Rs. 3480 

Basic Computers Parts & Introduction, MS Paint 3D, Microsoft word, Internet Basics, Types of Browsers and Operating systems. 

Class 6 to 9

490 /Per month* 


Plus Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Google Docs, Email System, Photoshop, Data Entry, Website Basics.

Class 10 to 12

590 /Per month* 

Rs. 7100

HTML, Website Design, Form and Database System, Google Sheets, Website Development

*Total Fees to be Paid one time during Registration online . The Per month estimated price is for reference only.